LoRaWAN® Relay: A Low-Cost,

Battery-Powered Network Extender

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LoRaWAN relay is a new range extension that allows LoRaWAN devices to communicate with gateways even when they are out of range. This is achieved by using a battery-powered relay device that acts as a bridge between the end device and the gateway.

This feature of LoRa Basics™ Modem is a solution for extending LoRaWAN coverage in areas where gateways are not feasible or cost-effective to deploy. It is also well-suited for use cases where end devices are located far away from the gateway and deep underground or are just outside of coverage area.

This white paper provides:

  • An overview of relay
  • How relay works with both the end device and the network server
  • Specific use cases where relay is most impactful



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