Tri-Edge™: Enabling Signal Integrity with Low Power, Low Latency Analog CDRs

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Massive within-center traffic is multiplying the need for additional bandwidth and faster networking speeds. Most major data centers are in transition to 200G or 400G, but only have traditional DSP-based optical switch solutions, which require higher power, latency and cost.

Semtech’s Tri-Edge PAM4 clock and data recovery (CDR) technology is the first low power solution available on the market for optical communication links that addresses multiple markets, from data centers and high performance computing (HPC), to 5G wireless fronthaul/backhaul, and links from 100m to 10km.

In this white paper, you will discover:

  • Background on PAM4 solutions which will take the industry to 800G, and how Tri-Edge fits in the market
  • The technology enabling Tri-Edge products to offer leading cost, latency and power requirements
  • How Tri-Edge solutions perform compared to current market offerings
  • The Open Eye MSA and how this ecosystem accelerates the adoption of PAM4 and standardization

Download this white paper to explore the benefits of Tri-Edge in the data center.


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